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Statement art can be a really powerful design element when executed correctly. Besides an opportunity to create a wow-factor in your home or office, statement art’s greater purpose is to create a topic of discussion; whether it’s a singular piece of art, or a multiple-works collection hung together.  As designers, we often run into the same misconceptions surrounding the execution of statement art, so we wanted to quickly address the leading fallacies of this classic design staple:

  • "Do I have to have crisp white walls reminiscent of an art gallery for my artwork to 'pop'?."
    Of course not!  Statement art can be displayed in many different settings, against many different backdrops, and in many different styles of surroundings.
  • "Does my art have to be a one-of-a-kind, from a famous artist, or a large investment piece?"  
    No way- art is subjective!  What we mean by this is if the piece moves you, if you feel a visceral connection with a piece of art, then it deserves to be displayed.
  • "Does my statement piece have to be the only artwork hung in the space?" 
    Definitely not.  In fact, when done properly, other pieces of art in the same room can further support your statement piece by enhancing its color pallet, movement, subject matter, etc.

As we mentioned earlier, statement art can come in all sizes, styles, and can be displayed in multiple different ways.  Working with a designer helps to ensure that the artwork you’re looking to display is hung in the best location, arranged properly amongst its fellow works, and is the correct size for it’s placement; but don’t let this stop you!  Below we’ve listed three of the most common ways to display statement art, along with a few visuals for each.  These are great jumping off points for you DIY design lovers out there looking to give this a try on your own:

The Standard
one large piece over a sofa, mantle, bed, etc.
 that becomes the focal point of its space || || || ||

The Grouping or Gallery Wall
multiple pieces that work together to create a unified look || @phillipmitcheldesign || || @phillipmitcheldesign ||

The Single Piece
a small artwork framed with an oversized matt, drawing the viewer in to appreciate the work itself || ||

Though the subject of your chosen artwork may be subjective, a statement piece will never go out of style.  We hope this post has shed light on a few misconceptions, gifted you with some easy DIY tips, and most importantly, turned up the design flame burning within you so you may go forth and make your space evermore beautiful!

A & J


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