things we love: cozy home decor

As the weather cools, nights get longer, and the foliage changes, we find ourselves spending more time at home.  Wether you're under blankets by the fire, sipping tea on the sofa, or enjoying a lovely meal around the dining table, this is the time of year when we turn our attention to what makes us feel "cozy".  

For us, cozy decor has an inherent ability to change how you live & feel in a space; safer, warmer, a bit more snuggly.  This week's post will be short & sweet.  Below are a few items that can easily transform any space into an autumnal wonderland, and though there's a chill in the air, keep your home a little warmer:


Throw Pillows
go ahead, snuggle in | | | |


Blankets & Throws
what better to wrap yourself up in (left & center) | (left & center) |


Soft Lighting
to create a warm glow (left & right) | (left & right) |


Fresh Florals
bring some of the outdoors, in

We hope these photos inspire you to make your home a bit cozier this season!

A & J


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