our mission

Alexandra's mission at M&P Design Group is to change the way you think about interior design.  We are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients through these design philosophies:

Over the last handful of years, interior design has reinvented itself!  In keeping up with this notion that design- like fashion- navigates trends at a much faster rate than before, Alexandra has developed a design concept called 'Fluid Interior Design™'.  Recognizing classic pieces versus trends helps her to design contemporary homes and commercial spaces that can be reimagined down-the-road without having to undergo a full redesign.  Alexandra works very closely with her clients and their project's needs to determine what within their space should be 'foundation pieces' (the pieces that will remain), versus their 'trendy / fluid' pieces (items that can be updated as a trend evolves). This concept has allowed M&P clients to feel much freer within their design decisions knowing nothing has to ever be set in stone.  As life grows, changes, and continues to move around us - our spaces should adapt as well!

We all have a subconscious awareness of the world around us, especially when it comes to the spaces we inhabit.  Spatial planning, scale, color, pattern, and other stylistic elements are all components, that when combined, effect the way we live or work within a space.  Utilizing applied psychology allows Alexandra to offer better designs, suited specifically for her clients' functional and aesthetic needs, thus leading to move productive and enjoyable lifestyles.


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